from  119.000 actual +25% EUR  net

Werner Aisslinger’s ORIGINAL LoftCube, the ultimate single cube offering everything you need. The space is big enough to incorporate a generous living and sleeping area besides a comfortable kitchen and bath section.

Using the open space principle of enabling the different areas to flow seamlessly into one another, allows for a free design based on your ideas. The cube can be used as a weekend hide away, an exclusive hotel suite, a flashy sales office or a unique shop.

Feel at home wherever you are – enjoy life with your friends. Your home in a briefcase.

Room space                                       6650 mm x 6650 mm | 44 sqm

Floor space                                        6250 mm x 6250 mm | 39 sqm

Outer dimensions                             7168 mm x 7168 mm | 51 sqm

Internal height                                  2510 mm

Overall height                                   4542 mm

Floor height above ground             1505 mm

Added loads min.                             14 t

Added loads max.                            32 t

Steel structure Price
4 steel I-stilts included
4 bottom steel M-frames included
8 steel frame supports included
4 top steel M-frames included
4 top circuit steel M-frames included
24 decoupling plates included
Small parts steel included
Skin Price
4 high gloss fiberglass stilt cladding included
4 high gloss fiberglass bottom cladding included
4 high gloss fiberglass bottom corner cladding included
4 high gloss fiberglass top cladding included
4 high gloss fiberglass top corner cladding included
4 roof water tubes included
Skin insulation 200 mm included
Small parts skin included
Bottom Price
44 sqm architectural high resistance bottom membrane included
44 sqm bottom insulation 140 mm included
39 sqm heat & sound insulated sandwich floor construction included
39 sqm floor heating system with control touch panel included
39 sqm floor finish up to 40 EUR net per sqm included
Connection system bottom membrane included
Small parts bottom included
Roof Price
44 sqm architectural high resistance roof membrane included
44 sqm shaped roof insulation 240 mm included
39 sqm heat & sound insulated sandwich roof construction included
39 sqm white matt stretch ceiling finish included
Connection system roof membrane included
Small parts roof included
Façade M-frames  Price
4 precious SIPO timber M-frames included
RAICO system M-frames included
Cover clips M-frames included
Small parts M-frames included
Entrance door (0.6 k-value, 41db, safety lock) Price
1 precious SIPO timber passive house entrance door included
Façade panels sandwich (0.03 k-value, 41db, 1220*2440mm) Price
5 white sandwich panels included
Façade panels glass (0.6 k-value, 41db, 1220*2440mm) Price
12 transparent triple glass panels included
2 translucent triple glass panels included
Stair (width 3750mm) Price
2 hot-dip galvanized stair carriers left/right included
2 hot-dip galvanized stair carriers middle included
2 stainless steel rails included
24 wooden step boards 24*3700*145 mm included
Small parts stair included
Electric components Price
1 Electricity matt white cabinet included
1 Electricity main switchboard included
1 Electricity cabling ring included
8 Switches, 8 plugs, TV & internet connections included
Small parts electric included